The Second Post

Second post! Yay?

Perhaps I should explain. As I mentioned before I have very minimal sewing skills.

This creates a bit of an issue when writing a blog with a name like “sew into it”

So I now have a bit of a predicament before me.

What the heck am I going to write about?!

I believe I have now learned an important lesson in planning before doing. Which also happens to be a sewing/design issue I have “learned” again and again.

An example?

Oh heck why not.

I was designing my Prom dress out of duct tape for that crazy scholarship. The design involved small strips of duct tape alternating between black and red that came out from an angle at the hip

Not to be conceited (oh what a lie!) but it was going to be awesome.

“Going to be” is the key phrase there.

I made several major mistakes—mistakes easily prevented with some thought and careful planning that ruined the garment and led to its being thrown out (another mistake I greatly regret)

1) I did not take a single measurement. My dressform maybe an inch off max, so I didn’t think to measure a decent neckline so when I tried it on I was showing more cleavage than my parents, and myself would have liked.

2. I used a terrible base for the bodice. It was a cut off body suit which was essentially a pantyhose tank top. I figured it would take too much work to put the strips on sticky side up duct tape (which I tried to do and that ended disastrously. However in hindsight the duct tape took form of the dressform fairly well and I could have simply left it on the dressform, let it “mold”, take it off and then line it with duct tape on the inside.

3. I used my dressform. My dressform is not a “legit” dressform but rather a display one. It ends right at about mid-hip, which was absolutely incompatible with my design. I considered asking my mom if I could use hers but could not transfer the bodice.

4. Zipper? I don’t need a zipper! ’nuff said.

It’s funny, talking about this has sort of inspired me to maybe try again. Perhaps I’ll learn my lesson and actually plan it out.

Regardless, I’m working out some ideas for some new entries as I am writing this. I will plan ahead!

Sew on!


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