The Semi-Original Dress

So I finally got around to posting again…

Don’t worry, this isn’t another “I apologize for my negligence…” post. This is a “Hey look I actually did something!” post.

I started College about three-ish weeks ago–so time and motivation have been pretty scarce. However yesterday I had finished my history paper and was feeling pretty unmotivated to do my art homework so I decided to simply stop working on my art and sew!

What was the project?

A couple of months ago I was feeling terribly bored so I decided to sew a dress. Now, for anyone that knows me that isn’t really big news, however, this time I essentially made an original design (NOTE: I used a portion of a pattern (it was originally a dress pattern and I cut it off at the waist) besides that the dress was my own design) It was pretty exciting especially since it was basically on a whim. I made it from some home decor fabric, which unravels like crazy.

Here is the original photo (from the night I made it)

I was really proud of it. The skirt includes a waistband and a box pleat detail. The pleats are somewhat random because they took up too much of the width of the skirt and I tried to remove them with some sort of pattern, but that didn’t work.

After having the dress sit on my mom’s dress form for a few days, I decided to experiment. I decided to fold the length of the skirt under…and SHAZAM! It was a bubble hem. I mean technically it wasn’t a true bubble hem…but later I got fairly close.

So that was how it remained…until last night.

Last night I sewed in the bubble hem. However, I had been having conflicts beforehand with the volume of the skirt. So after researching what a real bubble hem is–and discovering that it actually involved elastic at the waist–I began to experiment with gathers at the waistline. I think it was a success–for the most part. I forgot to sew the bodice to the skirt (Meh. Minor detail) but it’s okay because the bodice needs to be lined and it may need a little extra something. Here’s how it looks so far!

Not sure when I’m going to finish this but I’ll keep everyone updated!

Sew On!



2 thoughts on “The Semi-Original Dress

  1. Hey, the dress looks great. I’m glad you got a chance to work on it some more. Did you get your own dressform to bring to school or did Mom let you take hers?

    • Actually I got this one about two years ago at the garage sale. It’s not quite as good as Mom’s, but it usually gets the job done.

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