College Life and Sewing: Finding a balance

So if I remember correctly, I mentioned I am now in college. It’s been quite an adventure. A hellish exhausting adventure, but it’s still very exciting. All of this freedom is kind of exhilarating. I mean, this is the beginning of the rest of my life. It’s all kind of cool but most of it isn’t nearly as exciting or glamorous as I am making it up to be. I am currently an art major in what my professors call a “very competitive program.” I’m sure every art program fancies themselves a competitive program, but I’m believe it here. It’s a heavy workload. It’s crazy when I tell people that my art classes are by far my two hardest classes. I do love my drawing class though, and I have discovered my secret love for drawing with charcoal. I also love drawing skeletons (we did that today)…not to sound morbid or anything…

The one problem I having trouble with is that I have no time to sew or even sketch.

I mean there’s the occasional weekend off or evenings where I simply do not want to do any homework and can afford not to do it. Even then there’s an issue of space

I think that says more than enough on its own. Sewing is fine as far as space goes…or for that matter it is now. When I finally got my sewing machine (at first it didn’t fit in my dad’s car and then my mom brought it but we forgot to actually take it up to my room and I was so worried it was stolen that I felt like I was about to throw up.) I had put the wrong presser foot on and had it last set on a zig zag stitch. Those elements didn’t quite work together and after a few seconds of winding my bobbin I heard a noise and felt a prick on my neck and realized my needle had broken (never did find out where that projectile fragment went to but perhaps I’m better off.) Being the genius that I am (if you know me or have read any of my posts you should know extremely well) I forgot to pack extra needles. With no fabric stores nearby, and finding purchasing a set through Amazon absolutely ridiculous (don’t even consider it. It’s so ridiculously overpriced.) I opted to wait two weeks until I came home to visit and my mom gave me a set.

As is clear from my last post, the actual act of sewing hasn’t been too much of a struggle. My biggest problem is not having a nearby fabric store and space, but I’ll find ways to hopefully move past that. If you any suggestions or anything, please leave me a comment just seeing that there are page views makes my day!

Sew on!



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