Let’s Get Digital! Digital!

No this isn’t a Olivia Newton John themed post. Today I wanted to give you guys a little insight into an aspect of my design process as well as maybe inspire some other people!

So a while back I was really bored (why does it seem that all of my stories begin this way?) while playing around on photoshop. I had a few croquis (templates used for design…kind of like paperdolls…but not really…) laying around on my computer that I had used for my Textiles and Apparel class. So I opened them up on photoshop, plugged in my snazzy tablet and went to town.

I really began to enjoy it. I could alter things with much more precision, I had a world of colors and nifty little tools at my fingertips and it all looked rather professional.

This was one of the first ones I did:

Nothing show-stopping–just a simple 60s/70s inspired Dolman sleeved coatdress

I did a few more of these, and I began to see a sort cohesion between them. I had, almost unintentionally had created a color palette between the first three looks:

I created these looks right around the time that the resort collections were showing so in my mind I had sort of designed the clothes accordingly. While they don’t really have any real direct correlation between them, they felt like they went together just “swimmingly”

After a while, determined to create a complete collection I had designed a fourth look. This look pulled the first three together quite nicely. To be honest, I love this look. It has a sort of Indiana Jones look to it…but with bubble shorts.

And this is how all the looks look together

Overall, while the looks had no exact inspiration at first (I think just finding an “ease” in the clothing was my sole inspiration) in hindsight there’s a clear common thread of the 1920’s and 30’s but that’s about 75% of my design references.

Doing digital sketches allows a lot of freedom. I still love sketching and my best digital sketches are the ones that were on paper first. I’m still working on completing this Resort Collection and hope to finish it soon.

Sew on!


PS I’ve started sewing the project mentioned in my last post! Expect to see some pics in my next post! Can’t wait!!!


2 thoughts on “Let’s Get Digital! Digital!

  1. heyyyyyyyy! I love your sketches Em! The yellow dress is my favorite, if you make it, it should definitely be chiffon.
    (there is a Gretchen Jones joke in here about you indianna jones one, but I’m leaving it out;))

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