Over 100 views!!!!

I can’t believe it!!!! I was looking at my blog stats and nearly dropped my bacon and blue cheeseburger…101 views…It’s hard to believe.

I’ve had a few blogs before. I’d set them up, maybe putting in a post or two, and then I’d forget about them. With my short attention span my interests change quickly and what was supposed to be the coolest blog ever just seems old hat.

So what is it that has made me so committed to this blog?

Perhaps it’s the fact that I’m writing about my favorite subject; myself–I mean sewing of course! Sewing is my passion–it’s what I want to spend the rest of my life doing.

Or perhaps it’s because when hectic college life gets to me I can still maintain a shred of sanity by keeping busy with this blog.

I am so glad to see that people are so interested in what I am writing about. I know I’ve said this before, but seeing that people read my blog makes my day worlds better!

So…as I like to say…

Schmaltz aside…

In honor of over 100 views I have decided to show you a collage of what is to come. These are all sewing projects I have done and I hope to blog about in the near future…enjoy!!

Sew on!


P.S. This week (or possibly next week’s) post is not on here but that means more of a surprise!


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