So it’s been a while…

Yeah, I know it’s been nearly two months since my last post. Things have been a smidgen crazy. College is emotionally, mentally and physically draining. Thanksgiving has come and gone and exams are quickly approaching. Luckily, I’ll be home in a smidgen more than a week from today.

Another “excuse” for my absence is some incredibly exciting news–I’m applying to the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York!!!!!!!

I have been wanting to do this for quite some time, but there have been some obstacles that would have delayed this for a year or perhaps even indefinitely. I’m excited to see my dream become a reality. To be honest, I’m excited, but terrified at the same time.

One of my biggest obstacles now is simply applying. It isn’t easy. According to Collegeboard’s College Search,40% of applicants get accepted. Luckily, my odds as a transfer student are slightly more promising at 53%.

My biggest concern is the portfolio section. They want some artwork, some fashion sketches, and some examples of sewn garments. The one thing that really began to worry me is that I heard on a forum that you’re essentially required to draw in a 9 heads proportion (I’m pretty sure the croquis I used 2 posts ago are 9 heads). I used to use that proportion when I started out, but as the years passed by I evolved my style to something more stylized and I just got lazy.

I’ll have 3 weeks to work on these sketches which need to be colored as well as include swatches! It’s like forensics all over again!

So if posts are sparse in the next couple of weeks, you can be sure that I have locked myself in my room and will only leave for meals, Jo-Ann’s trips, and the Tron Premiere. Oh and christmas too.

Sew On!


P.S. Expect a post around Thursday. I promise I will start work on a new one the very second I finish my exams and packing to go home


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