Random Musings: The Love Boot

Image from Bizrate.com

Have you ever seen a shoe, a shirt, a coat or for that matter any article of clothing that you fell in love with so badly that even though you have absolutely nothing to wear it with you would change your entire wardrobe just to incorporate that one thing? I feel that way about this boot.
I’ll be honest, I’m more of a blues and purples and the occasional pink sort of girl. I have barely anything besides all black that would work with these, but I think that perhaps if I had these boots I would perhaps be a bit bolder with my clothing choices and work around them.
I know that sounds terribly materialistic–that I feel that I need a pair of shoes to feel more confident to be bolder in my style choices, but in reality that’s what fashion–effective fashion should do–give us “super powers.”
Let me explain:
As a designer, I feel that clothes should promote. Not in the way that wearing the overlapping c’s promotes chanel, but rather promote the individual. An effective outfit should make you feel something–whether it makes you feel more intellectual, more confident, mysterious, elegant, glamorous, romantic–whatever. It brings out something inside of you that the average jeans and a t-shirt fail to.
So this may perhaps be my most random post to date, but I felt that I should share this little nugget with you guys
P.S. I think I know why I felt so drawn to these: Dior FW 2010 anyone?
PPS Tragically, they’re 200 bucks. Bah. Nothing says shatter my hopes and dreams like a big price tag.

4 thoughts on “Random Musings: The Love Boot

  1. Nope. Nowhere close. The new one’s are kind of like if Mary Poppins were on the track team. I actually might do a post on those.

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