Helena Bonham Carter

image from Style.com

I thought I’d take out the hardest one first. This look absolutely baffles me. I know it’s perfectly her, but really? I’m assuming that she really doesn’t want to be taken seriously, but since she’s been nominated so far, we can assume that it will probably be the same at the Oscars (I have yet to see The King’s Speech but I really, really want to) she might want to not so much tone her look down, but rather redirect her creative energy (I’m under the assumption that she doesn’t have a stylist). From the trailers I could see that she did a very good job and how she presents herself now could be a game changer in how people see her and even in her career. Since she loves Vivienne Westwood (I seriously think they made for each other) I thought I’d pick a piece from her spring collection.

from style.com

This is quite a bit toned down from what she usually wears, but it borders right on costumey (can you say busty wench-tastic?) I think what will be really integral to the look will be the accessories. Since the dress is so “simple” she can really go all out with the accessories.

The jewelry is probably more low-end than what is worn on the RC but it’s the general idea that counts. I think gold’s the way to go with this outfit. Since the dress really reminds of pirates/wenches I think especially since she has such an eccentric taste in fashion we could take the pirate idea and just run with it for a while. Especially with the necklace and earrings.

I picked the clutch simply because I love Alexander McQueen clutches. They’re so different from your run of the mill envelope clutches with all of the beading and frou-frou. Plus, Helena could totally rock it.

I chose to go with a simpler shoe and cuff just because the rest of her outfit is so bold and there are so many statement pieces.

That’s all for now, who do you think should be next?


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