The Red Carpet Doctor is in!

So I don’t know if you’ve realized this by my last few posts, but I absolutely love the whimsical nonsensical world of fashion. In fact, in some ways you could say I’m fairly obsessed–I know fashion like some people know baseball. I can tell you who wore what at the Oscars three to four years back. I can give you a general summary of every major fashion show from 2006 on. My Ipod currently holds 1600 photos. 80 percent of those photos are fashion related.

So yeah, I’m kinda hardcore when it comes to this sort of stuff.

One of the reasons I started this blog was to do fashion commentary on fashion shows and the Red Carpet. I like giving my two cents on stuff like this. Since the Golden Globes on Sunday, I’ve decided I was going to do a red carpet post. However it was the format that had me puzzled.

Everyone and their cousin has already done a Best and Worst list, making up all sorts of “witty” cutting remarks and the occasional “you go girl!” So what could I do that presented all of this fabulous fashion in a fresh new way?

I like to take a slightly more positive route with my overall presence on the internet. I always think that if I were on the red carpet and had taken hours to get ready and weeks or months finding the perfect dress (or simply paying someone else to do so) would I really want to hear that? I know, in reality, that no celebrity is going to look at my humble blog, but even so, if the press and blogging community is going to rip on these celebs, why don’t we give them a helping hand too?

Because we all know there are plenty of them that need it. Desperately.

So this is how it’s going to roll:

Since the Golden Globes are the “start” of the red carpet season, I’m going to comment on several celebrities’ looks. From there, I’m going to post a recommendation based on what they’ve worn so far as well as trends from the Red Carpet. I’ll include a runway look and a few accessories.

Yay for constructive criticism!


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