Digital Style 101: Style.Com

So I’m in a tough spot right now. As much as I would love to continue my red carpet doctor posts, we’re at a strange point in the fashion world. Most of the spring collection have been very well picked over and resort and prefall collections just don’t have great offerings in the way of RC dresses. In fact, as much as I hate to say it red carpet dresses have been on the decline.

That and Haute Couture shows start up next week which will be a huge help with all of the actresses who have “loyalties” to particular houses like Marion Cotillard and Dior or those who just lean more towards haute couture like Anne Hathaway. So in order to “kill time” until then I will try to be creative and perhaps even start some new “series”. The first of these will “Digital Style 101” in which I’ll show the digital tools I use on a daily basis to keep connected with the fashion world or simply great shopping tools or maybe even angry birds, even though it’s absolutely irrelevant.

The first of these fantastic tools is In all honesty I am surprised I have yet to make this my homepage. is run by Vogue and is far and away one of the most useful and comprehensive tools in my digital utility belt. They have both their website and their IPod app, which if you have one I recommend you download it ASAP. Mine is right next to the Facebook app. Yes, it’s that important. Personally, I prefer the IPod app to the website simply because it’s so condensed and the layout is far easier to navigate.

Anyways, is one of the most comprehensive website for everything and anything relating to the world of high fashion. They have virtually every major and many not so major designers’ fashion shows. Depending on the designer, they usually have shows going back to as far as 2000. They have it all the regular fall and spring ready to wear as well as Haute Couture, Resort, Pre-Fall and Menswear. They also cover a wealth of red carpet events, store openings and just general parties. This section is also very enjoyable simply because I always love seeing the difference between how a garment looks on the runway vs. how it looks on a “real” person.
Another aspect of the site/app are the videos. They can also be found on iTunes and are two-ish minutes videos giving the highlights on some of the major shows as well as interviews from people in the industry as well as celebs and the designers themselves. I have always found these very entertaining and the “host” is the fantastic Tim Blanks, who is definitely worth watching. These are great little coffee break or commute videos (granted you aren’t driving).

Overall, is one of my favorite all-around resources when it comes to fashion. It has everything and anything and has been a great asset for me whilst designing and putting together outfits.


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