The Doctor’s Back In! Mandy Moore

Sorry it’s been so long, it’s the last couple of days before my application is due. I’ve spent every waking moment either in classes or working on my portfolio. It’s been massively stressful. Luckily, today I’m on a greyhound and have no space to work on my sketches (either way, moving vehicles aren’t the best place to do stuff like that.) Today’s patient is Mandy Moore.
This dress is a mess of tulle, and to be completely honest it’s weighing her down. The color’s a nice change from the trendy sea of green, but it’s not quite the right color for her. What I’ve chosen for her is this



This is Elie Saab from his most recent couture collection. I’ve spent the last fifteen trying to decipher what color this is (it looks somewhere between a yellow-green and a gold). Whatever it is, it looks a world better than that sad blue. I have always been a Mandy Moore fan and I feel she’s kind of like the epitome of the girly girl. This dress has sort of a girly sophistication and a very romantic feel.


The accessories were fairly simple. I decided to go for a between metallic–not quite gold but not exactly silver–and some pretty crystals. Pretty, feminine and not really screaming it.


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