Red Carpet Review: Cannes Film Festival

So I’m currently on the road touring with my church’s youth choir in Missouri and I have had no luck with wifi so far so I am going to work on some events from a while back. I also have a dead cellphone and no charger, but I’ll dedicate a post to that when I get home.

The most recent of these events was Cannes. I was actually actively blogging while it was going on, but I prefer to make one big enormous post than 20 tiny ones for each premiere and event. Quality over quantity is just how I roll.

I love Cannes. I would love to go sometime. It’s the epitome of classic fabulous old hollywood glamor. There were a lot of looks to choose from–some good, some bad and some I didn’t care for. So with no further ado…

The Good:

Stunning, absolutely stunning and this picture doesn’t do it justice. I usually hate feathers (see below) but this delivers such an effervescent feel to it. You go Uma!!

For the most part, I love this. It’s a great fabric and color and the old Hollywood styling is kind of her winning move (see Chaplin if you don’t believe me.) However this look toes the line a bit. The slit is what really does it. I usually hate slits in evening wear. It serves no purpose other than to show off the legs. Actually, with most dresses it’s just one. If you really want to show off the legs just find a really fabulous mini dress or even better a high-low hem dress. This one pushes past looking pageanty and approaches trashy. It’s less of a modern interpretation of the typical 20s 30s starlet and more of an adult costume version. Even so, it’s still pretty, even though I have a strong urge to pull out my needle and thread and close up most, if not all of that slit. The shoes aren’t doing it for me either

First of all, I love love love love those colors. They’re bold and eye catching, but simultaneously soft and decadent.
I like the fact that she chose to do separates. It can always be a risky choice because it can usually look much too casual but she always has this fantastic way of effortlessly pulling it off. This is one such case. For someone as wonderfully statuesque as Swinton, you can’t do much better than the high waist. The high necked and draped top are marvelous as well. It’s probably a bit hard to see it but she’s carrying one of those book purses. They’ve become sort of an it item among the red carpet crowd. Most of them, However have been ridiculously silly and tome-sized instead unlike this wieldy chic paperback sized clutch.

The Bad:

I wonder how many muppets were killed to make that dress. And those shoes? Show those poor dead muppets some respect and atleast try to be a little bit stylish with your tornado of blue plumage.

Naomi who? For someone who made a career out of being epically fierce, this looks sad. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love Ricardo Tisci’s work for Givenchy (and excited for his soon to be work at Dior!!) but when your name is Naomi Campbell where ever you go
you’ve got to bring it. It’s my strong belief that no matter where you are, no matter what you wear, own it. If you don’t feel confident or comfortable, it’ll show. That’s the problem with alot of the “worst dressed” of history. They didn’t let their personality burst through, and instead of them wearing the dress, the dress wore them.

Biggest problem here is the fit, there’s much too much fabric up top. The black and green is a bit much too. It’s kind of edging on the derelicte collection from Zoolander. It’s also a bit casual for an event where everyone else is wearing full length.

This season’s hot new texture…moss? I don’t get it and even if I did such a heavy dress is not appropriate for the French riviera


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