Runway Rundown: Carolina Herrera, Derek Lam and Louis Vuitton

I know I’ve been reviewing collections on an individual basis but honestly, resort collections are normally small (unlike Oscar De La Renta and Bottega Veneta) that combined with the fact that I am so far behind on them, has led me to consolidate.

So fasten your seatbelts, here we go:

Carolina Herrera

Image from

I really really love this coat. I handed my IPod over to my mom and asked for her two cents on this collection and when she came to this look she noted that there was too much going, I hadn’t seen it before but I’m beginning to see it. It really isn’t a problem of design. I think that alone this coat would be impeccable, but it’s in the styling where the fault lies. The scarf needs to go–and be replaced by a more solid scarf. Otherwise it’s a gorgeous, elegant coat. I mean imagine that coat with a basic desaturated pink dress underneath…gorgeous!

Image from

 I really don’t like this one. The skirt looks too paper towel-y for my tastes. The silhouette also looks off. Perhaps there’s a body type that that would be flattering on (none are coming to mind right now) but I just find it aesthetically displeasing. Also the belt isn’t helping the look and the white on the bodice and the white don’t match or go together.


Carolina seems to have caught Mondo fever, and it seems to be a nasty case. This is a train wreck. Not only is the dress rick-rackfully awful, the print is just awful and even worse–it isn’t lined up! Oh and don’t get me started on that fleshy pink on the straps. I mean if you’re paying the big bucks for a dress, because I’m assuming a Carolina Herrera dress doesn’t come cheap–you might as well get one where A) You’re not drowning in a massive print B)The prints actually match–this usually involves spending more money on more fabric but it just looks very amateurish C) The “splash of color” isn’t a scary fleshy pink.
Derek Lam


Not sure exactly what’s going on with the top, but I love the bold blue in the sash and bag handle. Exceptionally and very, very, cute.


Another wonderfully put together look. While it isn’t my average cup of tea, I really like it. It’s graphic but subtle, with some great proportions going on.


Not so subtle, but still fabulous. The neckline is refreshingly different and goes beautifully with the lines created by the pockets and the color blocking of the pants.


Loooooove it! Very cute, very casual–I love it! I would definitely wear that myself!

Louis Vuitton

Overall this collection was just fabulous.  It’s a modern take on a sort of 1920s meets 1960s look. It’s a textbook example of how to have a period as an inspiration and not have it be too literal. Hard to say much that’s negative about it all of the below looks are absolutely fabulous. So here are some fabulous photos and enjoy!

Until next time,
Sew On!

2 thoughts on “Runway Rundown: Carolina Herrera, Derek Lam and Louis Vuitton

  1. Emily-I really enjoyed reading your blog! I love your honesty. The Louis Vuitton collection and I totally agree with you about the polka dot dress. Gross! Can’t wait to see what you post next.

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