Red Carpet Doctor Checking Back In! Jessica Chastain

Allons-y everybody! It’s right in the middle of Red Carpet season and I’m behind on my posts! I’m going to be doing so many posts I’m just going to go postal! I swear, that one was funnier in my head. Anyway, I’ve been having a smidgen of difficulty because I haven’t seen a lot of the films nominated and there’s a lot of new people this year.

Today’s patient is Jessica Chastain. She’s one of the aforementioned new people. I never saw “The Help” (It’s still on my list) but after a few minutes on Google image search after seeing the Golden Globes and she had piqued my interest. She has had a few hits and a few misses but there’s certainly room for improvement.

Let’s take a peek at her record.


I love the dress, it’s just the combination of all of the elements. The dress, hair and makeup (especially the hair and makeup) really age her. She’s just shy of 30. Crazy, right? I’ve always been vehemently opposed to the faux mullet style and it seriously is not working for her. I love the dress, and it could have worked with different hair. Perhaps in a loose bun or left down and wavy. The issue with the dress is that it doesn’t translate to camera. The best dresses look good in person, in photos, on film, even in black and white. Her bracelet also doesn’t do her any favors, it kinda throws off the line of her arm.


Okay. Now we’re getting somewhere. At least with the hair. The proportions of the dress are funky and it sort of flatters her, but not as much as it could. It kind of reminds me of foundation garments like a slip or something. She does look like she’s comfortable in it, which is always important.

What does the Red Carpet Doctor prescribe?


This is from Elie Saab latest Pre-Fall collection. It has delicate details (like her Golden Globes dress, but it will look absolutely stunning on the red carpet. It would also accentuate her lovely hourglass figure. While blah beige and blush tones were prominent on the RC, yellow was a runner up for the hottest color. While this isn’t yellow, I have a feeling that we’ll be seeing more at the Oscars, probably pastels and this will be right on trend.

Every outfit needs accessories–


Yves Saint Laurent high heel shoes

£735 –

Clutch hand bag

£60 –

Erickson Beamon facets jewelry

£579 –

Victorian jewelry

I really love the idea of vintage/antique-y jewelry on the RC, and this goes perfectly with a 1920’s inspired look. I kept things simple and delicate to keep with the look of the dress as well.

That’s another case closed! Stay tuned for another post ASAP!

Sew on!



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