Met Gala Part One

Okay. I’ve got a lot of stuff to cover and not a lot of time, so to save everyone from mile long posts I’m going to just dive into this head first.

Emma Stone


I’m not sure why but there’s something unnerving about this. It looks too juvenile. The pannier style of the dress (think Marie Antoinette) paired with its length and her height, it all seems very strange, like a female version of big or something. The hair isn’t helping either. It’s very Lindsay Lohan in The Parent Trap to me. The waistline needs to be lowered about an inch and the hem needs another 5 or 6 inches.

Mia Wasikowska


This is youthful done in a more elegant manner. The color is marvelous. The skirt is fascinating as well as flattering and it’s demure without being too pilgrim-y (or if it is pilgrim-y I want to see that Thanksgiving dinner.)

Claire Danes



I like it. It’s simple, but elegant. It fits her wonderfully. However, it seems too safe. It’s the fashion community’s big red carpet event, so if there were a place to break out the crazy haute couture, this is certainly it. Speaking of bringing on the crazy, I’d love to see her in some awesome vintage Halston in some wonderful bright color. I’ll work on that. Hugh Dancy is looking really cute though.

Amy Poehler


Hmmm…First thought was Cruella DeVil, as stereotypical a response as that may be. Actually this looks like a dress Glenn Close would wear. Regardless, it just seems too dark.  The makeup is much too much, the bodice sits too low and the train of feathers does nothing but swallow her legs up and leave a mess on the red carpet. Were this in a taffeta or satin in a jewel tone (sans feathers) this could be a lovely dress.



Where to start? I feel bad because that pose is really throwing it off for me. The black mesh is okay (possibly one of the better uses of it) and the bead-y embroidery lace-y detail is very nice, but the armhole seams really detract from the dress. They look like awkward locks of black hair were wrapped around her arm.  I have absolutely no idea what’s going on there. What this dress needed was a dark charcoal grey (almost black, but not quite) full length slip. That would make the ostrich feathers (nice touch) look less haphazard and really bring the look together. I’d also get rid of the sleeves. Otherwise, Beyonce looks fabulous as always.

Kristen Bell


I like this. I mean, I really like this. It seems so simple, almost beachy (or peachy given the color har har har) but it still looks appropriate and flawless. The gold accessories were a nice choice.

Ginnifer Goodwin


This could easily be the best dress of the evening. There’s this old adage of “wear the dress, don’t let the dress wear you.” I feel a red carpet dress is successful when you see both the dress and the wearer simultaneously, and this dress does just that. It’s a great color, and all of the details are just spot on. My one qualm is the silver shoe, but that’s easily overlooked.

Emma Roberts


This is super cute. She gets bonus points for the blue belt. It’s also nice that she didn’t go with gold accessories. She looks happy in it too, which helps (oftentimes that can make or break a look).

January Jones


It feels like we’re working our way through the color wheel. It’s so nice to see color after all of those “nude” dresses from the red carpet season. It gets really old after a while, but color never does. As I digress, January looks stunning. This a very sharp look, and it really flatters her. Extra kudos for the turquoise jewelry.


So that concludes the first set of photos from the Met Gala, part two is on its way!




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