Starting Something New

When I started up this blog, it was primarily about my sewing and creative endeavors in fashion. As of late, however the primary focus has shifted to the Red Carpet. In fact, virtually all of my posts seem to focus on this or runway reviews. Not that it’s a bad thing, but it’s all feeling kinda stale to me. I’m going to keep doing those, but I don’t want to just do that.

So yesterday, over the course of a rather wonderful day, I came up with an idea for a new blog post. I mean, the idea’s been floating around in my brain for a while, but now that I’m back on the blogging wagon, I’m finally going to do it.

I love designer clothes. I remember walking into the Nordstroms here and nearly dying of glee as I ran my hands across an Alexander McQueen dress, seriously marveling the engineering marvel known as a Herve Leger dress, practically drooling over the Proenza Schouler bags and eyeing the Gucci and Chanel boutiques–feeling unworthy to be in the presence of dresses I dreamed of and admired in magazines.

However, being a college student, I am not one of those fortunate enough to own such magical articles of clothing–but I make do. I raid clearance racks, shop at a wide variety of stores, and scour the internet ceaselessly.

Many people are intimidated by high fashion because of the prices. They feel like what’s on the runways and what’s in stores are two completely different things–but they are so tightly interconnected.

So I’ve decided to take some hot bankable trends (things that even when they fade into obscurity still hold value) and translate them into looks for the rest of the world. All of the pieces are under 50 dollars, and most of them are in USD or from US sites (although thanks to some spiffy Word Press gizmowidgetygadgetydoodad I found out I have international readers! Awesomesauce!)

As anti-climatic as this may be, the next post will be my actual “Fashion Cents” post. Expect it possibly tomorrow

Until then,

Sew on!

And here’s a pretty interesting video with Isaac Mizrahi.


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