Fashion Cents #1 Part 2

Alrighty then. Let’s tackle part two.

So this look is more of an “evening” look. Basically whereas the last look was more of a casual look, this is more dressy.
Let’s take a look:

Fashion Cents #1 Evening

Dorothy Perkins jade dress
$27 ;- ;

H m jacket
£25 ;- ;

Michael Antonio patent heels
$48 ;- ;

Miss Selfridge oversized clutch handbag
$42 ;- ;

MTWTFSS Weekday silver jewelry
$12 ;- ;

Forever 21 flip sunglasses
$5.80 ;- ;

This look could work for a wide range of events, like a cocktail party, an evening out for drinks, even a dinner date. Crazily enough, the grand total for this look is about $174, which is actually cheaper than the day look. This is really sharp. The contrast between the dress and the jacket is absolutely pitch perfect. The white bag is a great addition as well further promoting the sleek modern look of it. The heels are the most expensive items in the look but they can easily be substituted for white stilettos or sandals. I’ve also seen some fabulous color blocked heels at places like Target and such.

So that’s the end of my first fashion cents post. I really enjoyed doing this so expect more posts soon!

Also, your feedback is greatly appreciated, so please comment!

Sew on!




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