Red Carpet Report Card: Amanda Seyfried

The awards have been handed out, speeches said, bubbly drank, jewels returned and dresses packed up. That means that, alas, red carpet season is over. It does not mean, however that it is time to give up on commentary. My witty quips and discerning eye are not a seasonal thing, and I refuse to let them go to waste. As a result I have devised a fun little series of posts. I will take some of the bigger stars and grade each look from the Oscars, SAG awards and Golden Globes. Then I’ll give each a “final grade”. Who will pass and who will fail? Stay tuned, because class in session.

In Givenchy



This is stunning. It’s just the right white for her and it really complements her skin tone and hair. Fit is good, hair and make up are nice, overall well done

Grade: A

In Zac Posen



I feel like it’s probably the flash, but the color seems ever so slightly off. Train’s a bit too long, but the hem detail is fascinating. The necklace feels like an odd accessory to wear with that ensemble.

Grade: B-

In Armani



The details are gorgeous, but the neckline isn’t doing it for me. Train could have a good six inches cut off of it, but otherwise it feels a bit too safe and standard.

Grade B-

Final Report: Nothing too adventurous and nothing too boring

Final Grade: B


Alrighty. I promise, these will get more exciting. I promise!!!


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