Emmys Part 2

So! Let’s start round 2. I’m just getting started. I love this. I really wish there were more of these just so I could just do this all year. So let’s cut to the chase and judge these celebrities!


Kerry Washington
Very pretty. Fairy princess pretty, but subtle–not Barbie fairy princess realness. This is elegant. I like it.

Tina Fey
Way to work it Tina! Love this so much. Everyone take notes, because this is a grade A example of red carpet dressing. Bravo!

Julianne Hough
I’d like to call this piece “wardrobe malfunction in progress”. Really do not like this. The top itself is a train wreck but paired with the triumphant duo of the sheer skirt and granny panties. Why? No, really, how does this in any way shape or form sound like a good idea? Really. I vote there be a “yank” patrol at these sorts of events to make sure such incidents don’t happen. They would be stationed before the actresses got to the photographers. They’d also hand out fashion tape. Lots of it. In short, girl, yank up your dress and buy yourself a slip. There are other ways to show off your legs.

Elisabeth Moss
Love this Andrew Gn dress. She looks so fabulous. This is another favorite. Definitely in my top 5.

Miyam Bialik
I really like this too. The color’s gorgeous and I love the details.


Oscars, Round two

Alrighty kids, I’ve got about 40 mins. until my next class so I’m going to see how many dresses I can cram in before then. Ready, set, go!

Kerry Washington (Miu Miu)


from Style.com

Love the color, top is iffy. Personally, I think if it was more coral and gold and less white, it could have worked. I also would have gotten rid of the train, looks much too limp and lifeless.

Jennifer Anniston (Valentino)



I really like this dress on her but the hair. THE HAIR. IT NEEDS TO CHANGE. Sorry, couldn’t control the fashion rage there. I love the volume and the fit otherwise.

Nicole Kidman (L’Wren Scott)

From Style.com

From Style.com

I really liked this one. I mean, black, gold and sequins–I’m sold. The hair looks a bit too unkempt, but otherwise; high five.

Jennifer Garner (Gucci)



I love love love love the color of this. The ruffle–I’ll get back to that. Construction is a bit funky (you can see some of the boning and there’s a bit of a pull at the bust. I feel like it needs a belt or something at the waist.

Salma Hayek (Alexander McQueen)



It’s Counselor Troi goes to the Oscars. In all seriousness, she just looks pained. For someone who basically can get her hands on any haute couture she wants she looks really uncomfortable. Kudos for wearing velvet though.

Kristen Stewart (Reem Acra)



Oh honey. Go home, take a few aspirin, and lie down. Try again tomorrow.

Halle Berry (Versace)



Fierce. Halle brought it. This is how you do it.

Okay, two minutes until class starts, time to stop. Look for round 3 later.