Return of the Red Carpet Doctor!

Now, Anne Hathaway alongside James Franco, is hosting the Oscars. I can’t particularly recall a time in my own memory when a woman has hosted an awards show other than Whoopie Goldberg and Chelsea Handler at the VMAs (let’s not go there.). So this is challenging because there’s really no precedent. Men just wear what they’d wear otherwise—tuxes. I mean, will she pull a Lady Gaga and have four wardrobe changes or simply wear something more toned down? What about just one crazy amazing dress? For this reason I’ve set up several different options. Here’s what she wore to the Golden Globes .
I liked it. I didn’t love it—not nearly as much as her dress form the Globes last year, but I still enjoyed it.
So Hathaway’s been big into Armani recently and seems to be settling into a sort of “loyalty” with them. Surprisingly, there’s a lot more that goes into Red Carpet dressing than picking a pretty dress. Since having a celebrity wear your dress on the Red Carpet is some of the best PR a designer can get, design houses and labels pour all sorts of money into getting celebrities to their shows and getting them to wear their clothes on the Red Carpet.
But anyway, like I said, I am including a few possibilities.

Look #1 The likely candidate

This is from Armani’s Haute Couture collection. It’s a relatively “simple” looking dress (which means it really isn’t. It’s Haute Couture. That’s hours upon hours of hand done work) The fabric’s the real visual interest in this context. I’m not sure how this would translate to television and whether or not viewers would be distracted by the sheen, but she could definitely work it.
Here are the accessories:

Balmain silver leather open toe shoes
775 EUR –
Silver heels »


Tribal print clutch
$160 –
Framed clutch »




I thought since she’s hosting the Oscars, she shouldn’t take herself as seriously as she normally does with this outfit. With the accessories I was thinking of almost a superhero theme that’s right on the edge of being kitschy. That’s when it works, right at the edge of the cliff, there’s a small margin of error before you fall off and your shoes don’t match.

So what I’d love for her is my second choice:

I LOVE this one so much. The instant I saw this, I thought of Anne Hathaway. Well I thought maybe a smidgen more of Audrey Hepburn, but that’s close enough. It’s fabulously regal and would certainly find its place among the Red Carpet Pantheon with Keira Knightley’s dress, Barbara Streisand’s get up and many others. Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating, but that simply shows how in love with this dress I am. I also can’t recall a time she’s ever worn McQueen (which would also make this a magnificent dress for the Met Gala even though it’s by Burton) I can just imagine her with hair in some fabulously impeccable manner and the most fabulously jewelry, maybe even a tiara!
It’s so fabulously regal!

Here are the accesories:

Marine Jeweled Ankle-Wrap Sandals
$1,995 –
High heel sandals »

$2,195 –
Skull handbags »

Loree Rodkin Flower earrings
9,300 GBP –
Fleur de lis jewelry »

Oh no! I’m mixing silver and gold! Noooooooooo!
Actually, in some cases it can work. With this, the silver’s closer to a black and the gold’s already a part of the dress.

So that’s it for Anne Hathaway, up next: Amy Adams!
Sew on!